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How PR changed thinking on water conservation in the Australian suburbs

See Peter Curtain’s blog post for

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Allerton talks IPOs to NatWest ContentLive

Peter Curtain of Allerton gives his views on what companies can expect when they float here in this article.

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Private equity gets seriously busy in North of England

Peter Curtain reports on a recent trip.

We’ve been catching up with some advisers on a visit to the Northwest of England and one thing is clear – investors are fighting hard for the best deals.

As one professional told us: “There’s massive demand for quality assets among private equity investors. They have full-time teams scouting […]

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Allerton drops (geddit?) in on Watef

Peter Curtain of Allerton is proud to have joined the People & Communities Technical Committee of Watef, the Water Efficiency Network, and looks forward to making a contribution to this great initiative.
We agree with Watef when they say: “Water sustainability, alongside climate change, is at the forefront of global concerns. The Watef Network […]

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Energy Matters 11 out now – read it here

Energy Matters – read issue 11 of highly informative magazine on renewables, utilities and more from our client CKD Galbraith here.

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Allerton named in top PR awards

Allerton Communications has been shortlisted along with our client CKD Galbraith in the industry-leading PR Moment Awards for our work producing Energy Matters. This is a great accolade and we’re very proud.

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Allerton wins praise from top marketing body

Allerton Communications is praised in a key case study by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the prestigious professional and training body, for producing the Energy Matters magazine and e-zine for our client CKD Galbraith.

Commenting on the content-led communications strategy, Calum Innes, CKD Galbraith’s Head of Energy: said: “We worked with our PR consultancy, Allerton Communications, to identify new […]

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Getting your communications strategy right

They used to say about banks that the best time to start one was 20 years ago – the point being, lenders make so much money, think what you’ve missed in the meantime. In rather the same way, I often advise companies to start effective communications as soon as they can – think what […]

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12 rules for effective communications

There’s no shortage of advice on communications but here are 10 rules to help you get your message across to both investors and other important targets.

Decide what you wish to achieve by communicating – whether it’s creating demand for your equity, generating interest among potential strategic partners, minimising damage caused by an unwelcome development […]

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Communicating your fundraising on AIM

People get excited about stock market flotations because they are (or should be) an opportunity to make money – this applies primarily to new investors of course, but management and the original investors may also be out to cash in some of their holdings.
Yet it is important to remember that an initial public offering […]

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