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Solar looks set to accelerate as consumers, industry and Government back switch


By Peter Curtain

Solar PV is taking off in the UK, and 2024 is shaping up to be the best year yet for the technology. Let’s look at some of the factors driving the transition.

Generating on-site electricity from sunshine is increasingly popular among householders and businesses looking to cut energy costs and reduce reliance on […]

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How sustainability is growing – and why it depends on data


Pictured: James Butcher at Sustainability Live
Peter Curtain 

As PR advisers working in the green economy, we’re as likely to be asked how to communicate an organisation’s sustainability as what it actually means.

For me, sustainability essentially is doing the right thing today, while leaving a better world tomorrow.

This objective is more important than ever, given people’s […]

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Great night shows strength of Southwest renewables-tech economy

What a brilliant night at Re-Tech Drinks – ‘Bringing together good people in Renewables and Technology the Southwest ‘re-tech’ community’. The event did what it said on the tin.

Hosted jointly by Stu Pringle of business development specialist Make the Break, and Apollo Engineering, the evening drinks highlighted some important things.

First, the Southwest is thriving […]

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Digital Communications Organiser

Digital Communications Executive

Allerton Communications is growing. We’re seeking a resourceful Digital Communications Executive to serve our low-carbon economy etc clients.

Located in southeast England and working remotely, with regular F2F meetings, and initially part-time on contract, you will generate and edit content, research media and event opportunities and help with planning.

Experience or ability in some […]

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Renewables key to fixing crisis, as are energy efficiency and persuasion


By Peter Curtain*

Invest in alternative energy sources
But take a multi-technology approach – for now that includes fossil fuels
Communication is crucial to addressing challenges

A renewable-energy consultant told me of two engineers working in UK industry some years ago who discussed a tricky technical issue that could be addressed in one of two […]

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Read latest Energy Matters here – with news on giant turbines, COP26, energy-efficient housing, co-location for renewables and much more…

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Green innovators: engagement has changed post-COVID

Vinícius Sgarbe, FreeImages

Life and work are changing, and amid the shifting landscape, effective engagement with stakeholders is vital.

The past year shows how much we can achieve away from the office. Now, as the economy starts to open up, customers, investors, staff and partners will be moving about as never before, and ultra-reliant on mobile […]

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Green economy: growth companies should be great communicators

By Peter Curtain

For any company looking to make a difference in the green economy, it’s vital to think about communication. We would say this – we’ve been helping innovators in energy and sustainability to tell their story for more than 12 years.

Don’t be put off by the size of your business or by cost. […]

Powerful film about Santa Claus … and PR

Miracle on 34th Street is considered a must-see film at this time of year. (‘Christmas’ was omitted from the title for the May 1947 release.)

The triple-Oscar winner is a seasonal box of delights that once opened, reveals profound truths about public relations – and they apply today.

These address leadership, brand authenticity, mental health, employee […]

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Which audience to talk to first – consumers or businesses

Seawoods Grand Central, Navi Mumbai, India

Which type of PR should come first in the life of a business – B2B or B2C? Peter Curtain* reports

Attention growth companies – want to get better known? First, start building a network – then, and only then, start addressing consumers.

But wait, what’s the difference? B2B PR – business […]