PR type

Corporate / sustainability


Solarwatt is the leading German manufacturer of complete photovoltaic systems. We were tasked with raising the company’s profile among quality solar energy installation contractors in the UK.  Key objectives were to: increase the number of installer partnerships; highlight Solarwatt’s modular system approach, with solar PV modules, smart battery storage and EnergyManager control apparatus; raise awareness of the company in selected European markets outside UK.


We developed a four-track campaign:
  1. Writing and designing content for trade media coverage;
  2. Creation of a corporate blog to explain solar PV and storage, modular design, energy independence for homeowners and SMEs and the environmental benefits;
  3. Setting and delivering a social media strategy to engage with installers and renewable energy professionals on Facebook and Linkedin, with catchy posts for FB and longer articles for LinkedIn, both of which drove traffic to the company website;
  4. Support for client marketing initiatives at public and trade events; longer articles for European trade media on market development and for UK publications explaining leading technology; developing case studies to illustrate the technology benefits, with text and photos.


Solarwatt experienced a major increase in engagement with installation and other renewable-energy professionals, established a strong social media presence in the UK, raising targeted FB page reach to 328,755 opportunities to see in the first 6 months, creating awareness, supporting partnerships and fulfilled business opportunities.